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    Back to School Mass-Saturday, September 18th Join us for the Feast of St. Joseph Cupertino, Patron Saint of Test Takers! Bring BackPacks and school supplies for a special blessing! Click Here /events/back-to-school-mass-1 _self
    Live Stream Daily Mass! Live Streaming will now begin at 12 Noon! Live Stream https://www.facebook.com/Companions/videos/1089724714765043 _blank
    Blessing of Animals-October 3rd Bring your beloved pets and animals to the Shrine at 2:00pm for a special blessing of animals! Click Here /events/blessing-of-animals-2 _self
    Wine at the Shrine! Fall Fundraiser for Little Portion Farm on October 16th! More Info https://www.wineattheshrine.org/ _blank